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Refinishing - Restoration - Re sanding - Board Repair - Re coating:

Wood Floors can be restored to their original beauty by machine sanding. Machine drum sanding using a 220 powered drum sander removes all the old finish and exposes the original wood. The wood is then treated to hand sanding and hand rubbing and a hand scraping process and a final buffing that further removes all the old finish and reveals the beauty of the wood and opens it to accept color and finish.

Custom color stains are applied in your choice-any color. YES ANY COLOR.

After the application of a sealer or first coat of polyurethane finish two additional coats of polyurethane finish are applied, one coat each day, the process does take several days.

You have a choice of finishes from Glitza Synthetic resin commercial Urethanes and Moisture Cure urethanes to conventional oil base urethanes or water base urethanes.

We use Glitza urethane finishes.
We use Absolute Coatings Brand, Last and Last, Oil Modified Urethane
We use Absolute Coating Brand, Trek, Water base Urethane
All finishes come in a choice of finish sheen from Satin, Semi Gloss and Gloss.
All surface finishes require only soap and water wash to clean the surface using a neutral cleaner and they are easy to care for. Just damp mop.

Wax finishes are also available, but do not wax your floor with urethane. Waxing will make it so the floor can not be restored from wear by re coating the surface finish.

After several years of wear the surface can be re-coated with an additional coat of urethane and restored to original luster.

We recommend the Poly Care cleaner and the Sh-Mop to maintain your wood floors.

Your wood floor is an investment in your home and sanding your existing wood floor will restore the floor to be like a new floor again. Even damaged wood can be patched and replaced and the entire floor re-sanded makes the wood new.

Unless you are experienced in wood floor refinishing it is best to have a professional do the work on your wood floor. If used improperly a sander can damage the wood. Often the cost of refinishing is comparable to that of any floor covering, or carpeting, but the advantage of using the wood floor you have, with its ease of care, and the beauty and warmth your wood floor will add to your home is well far the better value.

Your wood floor sanding job will far out last any new carpet and it will restore a part of your home to it's original character, and be a cleaner more inviting feature.

Wood is a wise investment in the future, especially when you consider it may never have to be replaced. Our finishes are proven durable and a new wood floor can easily be installed or your old wood floor can be restored.

Borders and designs can be added to and inlaid into your existing wood floor to give your home a customized look.